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Master in Action Research and Transformation Program (mART)

The world has been going through a great change and transformation process where companies and institutions face game-changing challenges. Opportunities such as the internet and social media that facilitate communication and cooperation, artificial intelligence technologies, virtual reality, traveling in space, and threats such as climate change, food crises, and pandemics push individuals and organizations to find agile and innovative solutions. These changes and transformations require a more holistic, participatory, egalitarian, sustainable collaboration, and knowledge generation approach.

With its active, participatory, and democratic nature, which focuses on change and transformation, action research (AR) stands out as an ideal research method for transformation processes. It aims to develop practical and pragmatic knowledge of action and generate new knowledge that will help us understand by changing transformation processes and patterns, to advance inquiry and bring immediate benefit to the field. mART aims to train leaders who can effectively manage the change and transformation processes that will inevitably be faced in the upcoming period.

mART, whose mission is defined as 'Contributing to social and institutional transformation by feeding from different disciplines', aims to meet the increasing number of transformational needs in the business world by considering action research as a transformation management tool. These transformations need new knowledge and a new type of leadership. These leaders need to construct change tools and mechanisms, along with producing vision, meaning and purpose. AR approaches and methods respond to this need.


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