Corporate Governance Forum


Corporate Governance Forum of Turkey (CGFT) has been founded on 1st of March 2003 as a joint initiative of Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TUSIAD) and Sabancı University and undertook a work program as such until the end of 2004.

Most important objective of the work program was to create awareness on the importance of Corporate Governance - an objective largely achieved thanks to the local and international developments, efforts of the Forum and restructuring reforms in the financial sector. Forum has acknowledged that the best way to contribute to the reform process was to focus on knowledge creation through scientific research.

Today, CGFT continues its' work as an interdisciplinary academic initiative hosted by the Faculty of Management at Sabancı University.



Competitiveness Forum (REF)

TUSIAD-Sabanci University Competitiveness Forum (REF) is a research center formed jointly by the Turkish Industry & Business Association (TUSIAD) and Sabanci University in March 2003.

Our mission is; to help improve the competitiveness of the Turkish private sector in international markets by conducting and supporting research on competitiveness, innovation and technology management, and benchmarking.



Entrepreneurship Council

The Council supports Turkey's leading entrepreneurial university by providing research and training resources for entrepreneurs seeking to turn innovative ideas into business models. Although the SU Entrepreneurship Council was formed in 2013 as an umbrella organization for all entrepreneurship-related activities of the university since its establishment, Our efforts since 1999 have led us to become the Most Entrepreneurial and Innovative University in 2012. We continue to innovate.

The Entrepreneurship Council is a division of the Research and Graduate Policy Directorate.

Research and Graduate Policy (RGP) supports the creation of strategic research objectives at Sabancı University, facilitates the implementation of created policies, and fosters a culture of research and innovation that turns scientific and technological developments into social and economic benefits.