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For Alumni

Lifelong career support!

Graduates of the Full-time MBA program at Sabancı Business School will benefit from closely managed one-on-one career coaching in terms of:

  • Guidance and coaching regarding career objectives
  • Close and continual support for career transition process

For support with any of these or other issues please contact our full-time career coach:

Melis Ülker Büker

+90 216 483 9665

Regardless of wherever in the world you may be and how many years may have passed since your commencement, the Sabancı University Alumni Relations Office is here to keep you in touch with Sabancı University.

The annual update run by the Alumni Relations Office ensures that:

  • You can keep track of what your friends are up to;
  • You receive the latest about the university;
  • You are informed of any alumni events.

10929 diplomas; 7144 of which are from undergraduate programs, 3785 of which are from graduate programs, have been conferred at Sabancı University, since year 2000. 81% of our graduates have started their professional life, while 13% of them has continued their education at graduate level. The rate of placement of our graduates is approximately %83 within a year after graduation.
Please visit Alumni Web at
Alumni Relations Office

+90 216 483 93 52

Sabancı School of Management  Alumni Facebook Group:


Sabancı University Alumni Association, legally founded on 2002 March 11, continues their unity under SUMED. The Association aims to enable alumni’s active involvement to university’s institutional development in order to become a university compatible worldwide,  to increase communication, information flow, cooperation and solidarity among alumni, to contribute personal and professional development of members, to ensure that Sabancı University alumni share their knowledge and experience with Sabancı University members and the society, to ensure the continuation of the values that are the basis of Sabancı University culture and the spirit of being the member of Sabancı University among alumni.  

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Alumni Entrepreneurs

1Mine Kocadağ Dedekoca,  MBA Class of 2005, created a company called Davet Postası.  Davet Postası is an online invitation and RSVP website.  You can visit them at (going live soon).
2Sinan Kolat, BA Class of 2007, created a company called Locus Office Pera.  Locus Office Pera is a serviced office located in Beyoglu, and they provide fully furnished and serviced offices for companies.   You can visit them at
3Yelda Batur Kalkandelen, MBA Class of 2007, created a company called Speak & More.  Speak & More provides specialized trainings to companies and business professionals.  You can visit them at
4Hande Merdane, BA Class of 2008, established her own cane marketing company in April 2012 called Amber Ticaret.  You can visit her website at:
5Ozgun Ozdede, BA Class of 2008, has just opened a new sports and entertainment e-commerce website called High Five.  You can visit their website at
 Emre Yağcı, BA Class of 2011, set up an animal breeding and animal cultivation company in January 2011 in Edirne

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