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Business Analytics for Professionals

The purpose of the Business Analytics for Professionals program is to train professionals who can meet the needs of private sector and public institutions and organizations to understand their business performance in competitive conditions and to develop new strategies based on data and analytical approaches. Today, the intuitive decision making in organizations are replaced by data and information-based decision making. It is necessary to be able to take data and information-based actions that can provide end-to-end positive financial returns and provide strategic advantages to the organizations.

With the rapid advancement of the digital age, businesses have access to unprecedented amounts of data. To turn this data into a competitive advantage, businesses need to develop effective methods to analyze and interpret large amounts of data. Thanks to its ability to make data and model-based business decisions and to benefit from many different disciplines, Business Analytics program aims to gain the ability to solve real problems faced by organizations.

Business Analytics related professions are becoming the most needed professions in the world. It is aimed that the graduates of this program will play a more effective role in decision-making and strategy determination for the future of institutions and organizations. Sabancı University Business Analytics for Professionals program aims to equip students with the knowledge of real-world applications that will shape how to look at data critically, interpret and visualize and apply data, and how to handle business challenges in the 21st century.

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