Application Requirements

Students, who want to register to the double major diploma program and fulfill the below requirements, can apply to the faculty dean’s office of the faculty that is responsible for the program with an original signed petition and a transcript. In this process, getting the double major diploma program’s advisors and academic advisors’ view and support is highly important.


  • To be a registered student in one of the diploma programs available for double major,
  • To be in earliest third semester, latest fifth semester,
  • To be successful from all the courses,
  • To have a minimum 3.20 GPA
  • To be among the top 20% in GPA among his/her fellow students in his/her primary major in the relevant semester or to have a score, not less than the SU base score of the diploma program for which they will apply for double major of the related semester.

Attendance Requirements

Students registered to double major diploma program are dismissed from the program if they: 

  • Have not registered for any double major courses for the two semesters and/or
  • Have a 2.50 or below Grade Point Average and/or Program Grade Point Average more than once.

Program Requirements and Semester Course Load

  • Students registered to double major diploma program are subject to the double major diploma program requirements which are valid starting from the registered semester. Please click to follow the double major diploma program requirements.
  • Students should take all the courses required for the double major and fulfill the SU and ECTS credits requirements.
  • Common courses in major and double major programs are counted in both program requirements.
  • Student should register to the internship course of their major program, however, the internship should be a mutual project, which is valid both for major and double major diploma programs.
  • Students registered to double major diploma program can register to courses within the scope of Undergraduate Education Principles course load.
  • Courses taken for the major and double major program will be shown in the same transcript and all course are counted to Grade Point Average.

Graduation Requirements

Students registered to the double major diploma program and fulfill the attendance requirements can receive their double major program if they: 

  • Fulfill the major diploma program requirements,
  • Fulfill the double major diploma program requirements,
  • Complete 30 SU credits ( 60 ECTS credits) valid for double major diploma programi in addition to the major diploma program requirements, 
  • Have a minimum 3.20 Grade Point Average and Program Grade Point Average ( Major /Double Major Diploma Program)