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Masters in Finance (MiF) Information Session

The Masters in Finance Program (MiF) is a rigorous, 12-month, part-time professional degree program specializing in applied finance. In addition to learning the theoretical foundations of the field of finance, students gain practical knowledge and experience through practical training in both digital data platforms such as WRDS, Rasyonet and Matrix, and software programs such as STATA, which reflect the latest developments in technology.

Guided by an Advisory Board composed of accomplished finance professionals, our program aims to furnish students with the essential skills of a modern finance specialist.  

Don't forget to register for this introductory meeting, which will start with Albert Krispin's visionary talk.


Date: April 24, 2022 14:30 - 15:30

Speaker: Attila Köksal

Guest Speaker: Albert Krispin

Our information session will be held on Webinar. For registration, please click.  

For more information: Phone: 0 (216) 568 7188




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