I am not yet a Sabancı University student. How can I join undergraduate program in Management?
What is the difference of the Sabancı University BA in Management program from the management programs of other universities?
What are the criteria for transfer to the Management undergraduate program and how does the process work?
Is there an opportunity for Sabancı Business School students to obtain a minor degree?
What should students considering to pursue a doctorate degree pay attention to while forming their course programs?

How can I recognize the Management courses from their course codes?
Is it necessary to take in the second year the MGMT 203 Introduction to Data Analysis and Research in Business course that is in the Management curriculum?

How appropriate would it be for us to graduate without having taken some of the core elective courses?

Should the required Economics courses definitely be taken in the second year?

Can I take a core elective course from another university?

What if a student gets a passing grade below C from a core elective course that is taken from another university?

Is there a restriction on the free electives in the Management program curriculum?