Finance Minor Program

To satisfy the demand in the fields of advanced investment banking, portfolio performance analysis and management, risk management in national and global firms, corporate financial management, internal and external capital management, pension fund planning and management and financial applications of foreign funds in their Turkish offices, to provide value added and to raise finance professionals by coupling theory and practice with the most recent techniques.

Finance Minor Program aims to communicate under a certain structure the fundamental financial concepts and approaches to students who are interested and aim to specialize in the field of finance. The program will enable students to identify practical financial problems in areas such as portfolio management, derivative securities, risk management, corporate finance and corporate mergers and acquisitions, apply and test popular theoretical models empirically, benefit from financial databases actively for these purposes and use attained results in the process of decision making. Although the target group for the program is all undergraduate students that have an interest in finance, it is expected that students registered in programs that deal with financial problems such as management, operations research and economics will show more interest in the Finance Minor Program.


Students can apply to this minor program earliest at the beginning of the semester following their program declaration and latest at the beginning of their sixth semester. For admission, general GPA must be minimum 2.72 and the application must be accepted by the related Faculty Board.

A student who applies to the minor program should have finished all credit courses taken in the undergraduate program until the semester of application successfully.

Students who are enrolled in the minor programs are responsible for taking all courses that their declared program requires, collecting the required sum of credits and fulfill other obligations that the program carries. The minimum number credits that is necessary to complete the minor program is 18.

Credits and number of courses required for graduation from the Finance Minor Program:

Course Category ECTS SU Credit Course
Required - 3 1
Core Elective - 12 4
Area Elective - 3 1
Total 35 18 6

A certificate is given to students who succesfully complete all courses required for the minor program with a minimum GPA of 2.72. 

Required Courses

It is enough to take one of the below courses.

Course Code Course Name ECTS Su Credit  Faculty
 FIN301 Financial Management  6 3  SBS
 IE303 Decision Economics 6 3  FENS


Core Elective Courses

tudents are required to take 4 courses from the list below. As "FIN 402 and IE 407" coded courses are equivalent, "FIN 403 and IE 412" coded courses are equivalent, only one of the equivalent course can be counted as core elective course. Each additional core elective course taken (after completing core elective course degree requirements), can be accounted for area elective course.

Course Code   Course Name ECTS SU Credit Faculty
FIN401   Corporate Finance 6 3 SBS
FIN402   Investments 6 3 SBS
FIN403   Derivative Secirities 6 3 SBS
FIN404   Multinational Corporate Finance 6 3 SBS
FIN405   Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions 6 3 SBS
FIN406   Behavioral Finance 6 3 SBS
FIN407   Venture Capital and Private Equity 6 3 SBS
FIN408   Financial Products 6 3 SBS
FIN409   Banking and Financial Intermediation 6 3 SBS
FIN499   Wealth Management 6 3 SBS
IE407   Investment Decision Making 6 3 FENS
IE412   Financial Engineering 6 3 FENS
IE432   Stochastic Models in Finance 6 3 FENS


Area Elective Courses

Students are required to take 1 course from the list below.

Course Code Course Name ECTS SU Credit Faculty
ACC301 Managerial Accounting 6 3 SBS
ACC401 Intermediate Financial Accounting and Reporting 6 3 SBS
ACC402 Advanced Issues in Financial Accounting 6 3 SBS
ACC403 Auditing 6 3 SBS
ACC404 International Accounting 5 3 SBS
ACC405 Financial Statement Analysis 6 3 SBS
ACC450 Selected Topics in Accounting I 5 3 SBS
ACC451 Selected Topics in Accounting II 5 3 SBS
FIN450 Selected Topics in Finance I 5 3 SBS
FIN451 Selected Topics in Finance  II 5 3 SBS
ECON345 International Finance 6 3 FASS
ECON350 Financial Institutions and Markets 6 3 FASS
ECON450 Microeconomics of Banking 6 3 FASS