Center For Applied Finance Education

Learning practice of finance moves to a new dimension in CAFE, which is:

  • A simulated trading room with state-of-the-art financial software and real-time data-feed services, utilizing a powerful hardware infrastructure,
  • A laboratory providing a sophisticated learning environment in finance and other related areas,
  • A smart classroom allowing hands-on finance education.

CAFE has 25 workstations in the classroom and 3 workstations in the adjacent business suite. Each workstation has two LCD displays and is connected to data-feed from all over the world with further access to supporting software. Among these software are financial information networks and databases. (Thomson Reuters DataStream (Use only in Information Center) , Matriks, Rasyonet Equityrt, WRDS, CRSP, CompuStat, SDC Platinum, Execucomp)

Center For Applied Finance Education

Here are some examples of what students are able to do in CAFE:

  • Follow real trading activity guided by an expert via video-conferencing
  • Research companies using comprehensive data from all over the world

CAFE Opening