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MiF is a non-thesis part time program. Courses are scheduled to Friday nights and Saturday morning to evening.

MiF is a 12 month intense program. Program consists of 2 terms: Fall and Spring. 

Yes, candidates can apply if they are senior students in their undergraduate university.

No, we accept students only for Fall term.

Applications for 2022-2023 Academic Year will be announced soon.

  • Application deadlines will be announced soon.

Tarihler en kısa sürede ilan edilecektir.

Early application deadline is set for students who apply different programs in different countries and would like to get admission reply as soon as possible to give a decision. 

Online application is required. Following online application, candidates need to send the hardcopy of documents by post. Only after receiving online and hardcopy application, candidates are called for an interview. 

  •  Application Documents: 
  • Signed on-line application affidavit (in the application process page)
  • Your letter of intent
  • Your detailed resume including specific details on work experience, if available
  • If applicable, a copy of your undergraduate diploma. Note: If you are in your last semester of your undergraduate studies and do not have your diploma yet, you can provide a graduation certificate before you can be admitted to the degree program (if applicable).
  • Transcripts from all the schools attended at undergraduate and if applicable, graduate levels
  • Official language scores from TOEFL IBT (or other language exams in the application process page)
  • At least two letters of recommendation, in sealed and signed envelopes OR submitted through online application
  • A photograph 

GMAT / GRE or ALES scores are not required.

  • TOEFL IBT - 83
  • PTE - 56
  • CAE - B 
  • CPE - C


IELTS is not accepted.

*KPDS, UDS, EYDS, YOKDIL and YDS are English Languages Assesment exams run by the Turkish Student Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (

Candidates can submit their reference letters in two ways:

  • During on-line application, the candidate can submit the names and e-mail contacts of their references in the on-line form. The references will automatically receive the reference form, when they fill in the form, we will receive the reference letters from the online system.
  • The candidate can download the reference letter form from our website, send it to the references, get the reference letters back in signed and stamped envelopes and send by the original documents. (The hardcopy of the reference letters can be in different format than the one in our website).

Undergraduate GPA, interview performance, language test score, CV, reference letters and letter of intent are all effective in admission and scholarship decisions.

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