Is there a minimum Bachelor's Degree for the application process ?
Is there a tuition fee for the program? Or is there a scholarship opportunity?
How do you rank students? %x of language, %y of test score?
How many students are accepted to the program?
Can I take the course apart from the elective courses published on the web site? For example, I am interested in psychology so that can I take courses from this department and write my thesis on related to this subject?
Who are the Thesis Advisors of the Program? Could you provide their names?
How can I submit the referance/recommendation letters?
Can I apply without GMAT/GRE/ALES score?
What are the minimum scores for GMAT/GRE/ALES, e-ALES?
One of the GMAT/GRE or ALES score is enough right?
Do you have a preference of any department e.g. engineering, science, management etc.?
Is it a negative point to apply for both MBA and Business Analytics Thesis Program simultaneously?
Is it possible to apply for Business Analytics Thesis Program as a second master after an MBA ?
If I do not want to pursue PhD, Can I go straight forward for the work industry after completion of the program?