Ozan Duygulu Dissertation Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Behlül Üsdiken Thesis: Corparate Governance in Turkey , 2000 - 2018 : A Process Study of Translation Graduation year: 2020
Rabia İmra Kırlı Öziş Dissertation Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Özgür Demirtaş Thesis: Essays in Empirical Asset Pricing Graduation year: 2020
Ali Alipour Dissertation Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Remzi Gözübüyük Thesis: Performance Feedback and Risk Relationship : A Cross-Cultural Examination  Graduation year: 2019
Mohsen Bahrami Dissertation Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Burçin Bozkaya Thesis: Behavioral Analytics: Understanding Individual and Group Behavior Using Transactional Big Data Graduation year: 2018
Eda Aksoy Dissertation Supervisor:Assoc. Prof. Mahmut Bayazıt Dissertation Thesis:Long Term Oriented Internal Management Philosophies, Their Effects On HRM Implementation and Shop Climates in Franchised Small Business Graduation year: 2016
Türkan Yosun Dissertation Supervisor:Prof. Dr. Dilek Çetindamar Dissertation Thesis: Marketization of Social Sectors and Strategic Reactions of Social Enterprises Graduation year: 2016
Uzay Dural Şenoğuz Dissertation Supervisor:Assoc. Prof. Mahmut Bayazıt Dissertation Thesis: Understanding the Malleability of Implicit Stereotyping and Implicit Prejudice toward Female Leadership: A Longitudinal Field Study on Municipality Employees in Turkey Graduation year: 2016
Ali Doruk Günaydın Dissertation Supervisor:Prof. Dr. Özgür Demirtaş Dissertation Thesis:Essays in Empirical Asset Pricing Graduation year: 2016
Kıymet Duygu Erdaş Dissertation Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Arzu Wasti Dissertation Thesis: Workplace Incivility in the Context of Honor Culture Graduation year: 2016
Nazlı Fikriye Şenol Dissertation Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Işın Güler Dissertation Thesis: Relational Pluralism and Practice Variantation Graduation year: 2016
Ayşe Başak Topaler Dissertation Supervisor:Prof. Behlül Üsdiken Dissertation Thesis:Unconventional Practice: Understanding Variation in the Adoption of an Unconventional Practice : The Diffusion of English-Medium Instruction in the Turkish Higher Education Field Graduation year: 2016
Özgür Rahşan Çetrez Dissertation Supervisor:Assoc. Prof. Özgecan Koçak Dissertation Thesis:Organizational Form Evolution: Actors, Legal Formation and Authenticity in Islamic Banking and Organic Agriculture in Turkey Graduation year: 2016
Gül Demirtaş Dissertation Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şerif Aziz Şimşir Dissertation Thesis: Essays in Empirical Corporate Finance   Graduation year: 2014
Alper Erdoğan Dissertation Supervisor:Prof. Dr. Özgür Demirtaş Dissertation Thesis:PEssays in Empirical Asset Pricing: Turkish Markets   Graduation year: 2013
Özge Can Dissertation Supervisor:Prof. Dr. Behlül Üsdiken Dissertation Thesis:Predictors of Hybrid Organizational Identity: Evidence from the Turkish Theatre Field, 1923-1999   Graduation year: 2012
Selin Erdil Dissertation Supervisor: Prof.Dr.Arzu Wasti Dissertation Thesis: A model of dyadic trust: Turkish case   Graduation year: 2011
Ahmet Murat Fiş Dissertation Supervisor: Prof.Dr.Dilek Çetindamar Dissertation Thesis: Unlocking the relationship between corporate entrepreneurship & performance   Graduation year: 2009
Öznur Özdemir Akyıldırım Dissertation Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Meltem Denizel Dissertation Thesis: Product recovery systems: policy issues and disposition decisions Graduation year: 2009
Çetin Önder Dissertation Supervisor: Prof.Dr.Behlül Üsdiken Dissertation Thesis: Political opportunity, organizational infrastructure & organizational founding: trade unions in Istanbul & Ankara, 1947-1980 Graduation year: 2006
Deniz Tunçalp Dissertation Supervisor: Prof.Dr.Ahmet Öncü & Prof.Dr.Meltem Denizel Dissertation Thesis: The recursive dualism of technology: Reconstructing the process of technology adaptation in organizations Graduation year: 2006
Zeynep Erden Bayazıt Dissertation Supervisor: Prof.Dr.Behlül Üsdiken Dissertation Thesis: Histories, institutional regimes and educational organizations: the case of Turkish higher education   Graduation year: 2006
Said GATTOUFI Dissertation Supervisor: Prof.Dr.Muhitttin Oral Dissertation Thesis: Data envelopment analysis: A taxonomy, a meta review and an extension (confident-dea) with application to predicting cross (OECD) country banking systems’ efficiency Graduation year: 2002