The PhD program at the Sabancı Graduate Business School (SBS) is primarily intended for candidates who aspire to a career in academia. Some graduates may also take positions in public or private sector organizations involved in research, management training, or consultancy. The goal is to have graduates who can perform and contribute at an international level in any of these possible career paths.

The PhD program is open to candidates with a background in business, economics, social sciences, as well as engineering or natural sciences. If the applicants have not been exposed to core business subjects during undergraduate or graduate studies, they may be required to enroll for an additional one or two term preparatory period. Such a period may require students to take master's level courses specified by the SBS's PhD Committee. Currently the PhD program offers specializations in Management and Organization, Business Analytics and Operations Management, Finance and Action Research.

The program has a strong research orientation where participants are expected to be closely involved with ongoing research in SBS and to develop their own research agenda. The doctoral program draws upon not only the core faculty of SBS but also the faculty of and courses offered in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

Normally the doctoral program takes four to five years to complete. The maximum time allowed is six years. All stages of the program require full-time involvement and commitment on part of the participants.

Program Educational Objectives
Learning Outcomes
Program Requirements