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The Ph.D. program at Sabancı Graduate Business School is primarily intended for candidates who aspire a career in academia. It is a full-time program and all Ph.D. students are accepted with a scholarship. Students are required to work certain hours per week in return for the scholarship. There are few current students who are working full-time, but the nature of their work is compatible with the expectations from their instructors and advisors in the program. We want to stress that our program targets students who are motivated to do research and pursue a career in academia.

Approximately 9-10 students in a year (about 2-4 in each specialization). 

Our program is conducted face-to-face. However, courses met in hybrid mode (in-person and online at the same time) only during the Covid-19 period.

We evaluate candidates’ academic background, research experience (if any), and motivation to complete the program during the admissions evaluation process. A non-thesis master’s degree that does not support one of these qualities would not bring an advantage to the candidates.

Candidates should meet the minimum requirements before enrolling in the program. The admissions committee evaluates candidates’ entire application package and does not disqualify candidates based on a single criterion unless when they do not meet the minimum requirements. 

- Finance
- Business Analytics and Operations Management
- Management and Organization

No, they are not. We do have a single program, which is “Ph.D. in Management". 

Yes, you need to apply again this year. 

Yes, you can submit your application without a diploma. However, you will need to bring your original diploma until the enrollment date, in case you are admitted to the program.

Candidates with full application documents are evaluated within the two weeks of the deadlines.

We prefer to receive at least one reference letter written by an academic. However, if this is not possible, candidates can request letters from their managers or professional connections, who know the candidates well enough to write a letter about them.

Our candidates can apply without GRE, GMAT or ALES scores but they can’t enroll in the program without one. In case you are applying without a test score, you are expected to indicate the exam date in your application. We must note that these test scores are a critical part of your application package and not having one diminishes your chance of admission.

Candidates who have GMAT/GRE/ALES can apply with the "test-taker" copy. Admitted students need to deliver the official GMAT/GRE/ALES document to Sabancı University for registration.

Unfortunately, we do not accept IELTS score.

The early application deadline is set for students who apply to programs in different countries and would like to get an admission reply from us as soon as possible. There is no difference in the scholarship or acceptance process from the regular scholarship application deadline.

No, there isn’t. The letter should clearly explain the candidate's intention to apply to the desired concentration. It must be uploaded under "Documents" in the online application system.

The “Proof of Language Proficiency” requirement also applies to candidates that are Sabancı University graduates.

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