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Resources and Facilities

A dorm room on campus is provided to each doctoral student when requested. There are rooms for one, two and four students. Doctoral students have priority in room allocation.

An office and a telephone is provided to our doctoral students.

A laptop is given to each student during their education and technical and software support (including MS Windows and Office, SPSS and STATA) is provided by University’s Information Technology.

There is wireless internet connection within the campus and dormitories.

  • A large collection of books, articles, DVDs, CDs, and VHS is open to the use of students.
  • Requesting the resources that are not owned by the IC to be purchased and/or loaning them from other libraries is available.    

CIAD assists and encourages Sabancı University community (students, faculty, and administrative staff) to strengthen their personal and academic skills with its five units:

  • Academic Support
  • Individual Counseling
  • Student Guidance System
  • Support Unit for Students with Disabilities
  • Writing Center

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The university supplies health service via the Health Center in the campus, provides health service from other health institutions in cases where a specialist is needed, and more importantly, in emergency cases under the coverage of a Private Health Insurance. Besides, there’s a fully equipped ambulance support 24 hours a day.

Sabancı University aims to create an elite, cultural atmosphere while achieving a mission that best fits its corporate identity with its art venues and activities.

There is a Sports Center and a sports hall on campus. Both facilities are free of charge for students.

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