Fees and Scholarships

For the 2021-2022 Academic Year program tuition fee please contact:

The tuition fee is payable in installments at the beginning of each term. For those students whose tuition is at least partially paid by the institution they are working for, payments should be made at the beginning of each semester in two equal installments. On the other hand, students who are personally paying for their education can make their payments in 12 installments

These fees cover:

  • Cases and mandatory resources of the courses.
  • Parking permit
  • Coffee breaks
  • Lunches
  • Health insurance
  • A right to enroll in future PMBA elective courses as a special student with a 50% discount*.
  • A lifetime, discounted (25%) privilege to attend the executive development seminars organized by EDU

*Alumni who are currently enrolled for a master's or Ph.D. program can take courses as special students in order to substitute them for their degree.

Professional MBA Individual Scholarship Application