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What is Action Research

‘Developing and creating together…’

Action Research (AR) is an active, participatory, democratic research methodology that aims to foster social change and transformation. Action Research (AR) is a methodology that uses ''developing and creating together'' for the desired future, which serves the common good of all stakeholders. Action Research aims to advance the inquiry and provide immediate benefit to the field, to develop practical and pragmatic action knowledge, and to express new knowledge that will help us understand transformation processes and patterns. Knowledge creation in Action Research works on at least three levels: first-person, second-person, and third-person research. By engaging the researcher into the first-person research, the AR improves the researcher's reflection and interpretation capacity, and with the researcher's involvement in second-person research, the AR researchers develop team interventions, teamwork, and interpersonal knowledge. At the third level, the AR helps to connect to major institutional changes. Real-time participation in an ongoing transformation project is essential for the practice of co-generating knowledge at all levels. Therefore, by its very nature, it is a common productive, participatory and collaborative process in which change processes are triggered and managed for the ends of research and action.


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