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Dear Applicants,

The Sabanci School of Management at Sabanci University ACCEPTS ACADEMIC RESUMES THROUGH A WEB-BASED APPLICANTS TRACKING SYSTEMS https://sucrm.sabanciuniv.edu/academiccv/application.php. You do not need to apply for a specific opening in order to submit your resume. However, if you are applying for an opening announced in "Open Positions" please note the position reference code into the "Advert Reference Code" section of the application. For further questions please visit our F.A.Q web page for on-line assistance.

Applicants are expected to have completed their doctoral thesis prior to taking up employment. Any further questions relating to the positions can be directed to Nihat Kasap, Dean of Sabanci School of Management, at nihatk@sabanciuniv.edu.

Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities at the Sabanci School of Management.

Web based applicant tracking system please click here.