MRES 601 "Research Methods in Management and Organization Studies"23-09-2020

Open online course for research oriented graduate students:  

Course Code: MRES 601 
Course Title: Research Methodology in Management & Organization
Instructors: Arzu S. Wasti & Mahmut Bayazıt 
Date and Time: Mondays 9:30-12:30 (tentative - will be reconsidered based on common availability of enrolled students)
Course Description: This seminar course is designed as an in-depth introduction to the social sciences and its methodologies. We will focus on the logic and design of social research, beginning with some concepts and topics common to research across the social sciences. We will later move on to understanding the principles behind an array of methodologies used in the social sciences: causal inference, experimentation, quasi-experimentation, surveys, and archival research. We will analyze their applications using cases drawn from the research literature. We will also focus on research ethics as well as the publication and review process. The course is thus organized around the question of how to do good research. The goals of the course are: (1) to instruct students in how to critically analyze scholarly articles in terms of research design and (2) to guide students in how to design an original research project. Rather than focus on particular statistical or analytical methods, the aim is to provide participants with a rigorous grounding in the scientific approach to constructing theoretical arguments and designing appropriate empirical tests.