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EMBA Testimonials


Eran Biçaço – Executive MBA Class of 2019 – Key Account Manager, Amazon

Sabancı University’s rigorous program allowed me to see how life can be enhanced, expanded, and fulfilled with a top-level education. The collaboration with Columbia Business School in New York was a lifetime experience which I wished never ended. The best thing about studying at Sabancı was definitely the wisdom of the professors and the high quality of lectures that I had. The relatively small class sizes helped me to grasp the very best technique and knowledge. The courses offered create multiple opportunities to work as part of a group to complete tasks, I believe this creates a very powerful skill set in professional life. Therefore, I was honored to be in the Sabancı Business School EMBA Program.


Çağla Yalçın – Executive MBA Class of 2016 - National Retail Manager, L’oreal Türkiye

Just in a year after graduation, I was honored to receive a promotion. The first thing that came to my mind when I took this new role, was to go over all my key learnings from Strategy Course. Very sophisticated and intellectual program; whenever you need it in your career, you can return back the resources and freshen up your knowledge. An unforgettable lifetime experience!


Selim Hasan- Executive MBA Class of 2017 - Sales Director, VeriPark United Kingdom

Becoming a great leader isn’t something that happens overnight, but it can be achieved through analysing situations from multiple angles before making decisions and setting the action plan with commitment to improvement through experience. Sabanci Executive MBA gives you the tools to make the best business and life decisions in complex environments. The program at Columbia Business School gave me the opportunity to experience real life business cases which makes the program very precious. That experience in a global environment provided me the strategic thinking perspective and empowered me to open new doors aboard.


Arzu Akdemir Gabay – Executive MBA 2016 - Project Portfolio Manager, QNB Finansbank

With a diligent effort to not make it merely theoretical, Sabancı Executive MBA Program was very much in-line with the industry and real business life. I got tangible insights from both participants who are diversely selected and guest executives attended in “Leader Meetings”. Learning the latest information from distinguished professors was also inspiring and mind-opening. Completing this intense program definitely broadened my perspective, sharpened my managerial skills and confidence contributing to my professional and personal growth. Thanks to Sabancı Executive MBA for providing me these opportunities in a professional and friendly environment.


Alper Kemer – Executive MBA 2016 - Head of Data Center COC - Siemens

My executive MBA journey within Sabanci University started with the quote of ’What gets you promoted in your 30’s, will get you fired in your 50’s’. It is a challenging 12 months during which the Sabanci EMBA Program prepares you for the future business life. What makes Sabancı EMBA unique is that, not only it combines academic theory with the real world application, but also it creates an environment where you meet with mid-high level professionals which contributes to your professional growth. In addition, Financial Statement Analysis and Finance courses have given me a competitive advantage and allowed me to make an immediate impact on my new role as a Key Account Manager. If I had the chance to enroll in Sabancı EMBA once more, I would do it.


Ceyda Kasımoğlu-Sabancı Executive MBA 2017 - Project Manager, Cisco Innovation Center

As a person who has an insatiable will to learn new things, Sabanci EMBA was one of the best things I did for myself in the past years. I could find the opportunity to improve my managerial & communication skills, have a broad business understanding and create a good network. The Columbia Business School was a perfect experience as well.


Efe Attila – Sabancı Executive MBA 2016 - Lassa Marketing Manager, Brisa Bridgestone Sabancı

Sabancı University EMBA program was above my initial expectations and kept exceeding my expectations during the program. It is not only a comprehensive educational experience but also a phenomenal leadership training. I think the entire program is perfectly designed to bring case studies, real life experiences and theoretical know how. This program has really changed the way I approach my business and my career.


Berkay Kardeş Executive MBA Class of 2014 - Business Development Director, CAPSIM Turkey

MIT Sloan Program was a very interesting learning experience. The methodology of transferring knowledge and currency of managerial information were very satisfying. The organization and the program were professionally planned and developed in an efficient way and I found a chance to learn the most current management skills. Especially visits to start-up labs in the Boston area broadened my sight to the power of individual actualization from a global perspective. MIT trip also provided the environment to strengthen the friendship bond within the class going through an experience with successful friends from professional life, enhanced the outcomes of the program.


Emrah Özdemir Executive MBA Class of 2013 - Sales Manager, Carlisle Fluid Technologies

The professional network established as a result of participating in the Sabancı Executive MBA Program has been invaluable in developing my career. From great professors to specially selected fellow students from diverse backgrounds combined with the MIT module, it was the best possible learning experience. By using the concepts and skills in Leadership and Innovation courses in MIT, I had the chance to improve my leadership skills and my team's efficiency. I would recommend Sabancı Executive MBA to anyone seeking a step up in their career prospects, in addition to gaining substantial business connections.


Tuğba Akgün Konuş Executive MBA Class of 2012 - MENAT Regional Head of Regulatory Compliance Risk Strategy & Conduct, HSBC

  The quality of education throughout the program was beyond words. Intensely concentrating on courses of Leadership and Innovation for two weeks with MIT quality was a unique privilege. The program was directed to developing my personal leadership skills and it contributed a lot to my personal growth.


Mustafa Uyar Executive MBA Class of 2013 - Country Manager, Logitech

It was an incredible experience to participate Executive MBA Program at Sabancı University not only because of spending 16 months with excellent faculty members or attending an intensive leadership program in MIT Sloan or participating in Executive MBA Consortium, but also getting an eye-opening vision through the  invaluable experience of sharing in the classes and through networking opportunities. 

Beste Aygün Executive MBA Class of 2009 - Senior Legal Counsel, Nestle

The recent push towards transparency, accountability and business ethics have increased the demand for legal counsels' participation and guidance in top management decisions. Sabancı University Executive MBA Program, by helping me develop the necessary competencies, contributed immensely to my professional growth. As the best personal investment I have made, I recommend Sabancı University Executive MBA Program to all legal counsels.

Cengizhan Bilgin Executive MBA Class of 2013 - Business Development, Product and Project Portfolio Manager, Anadolu Isuzu 

Executive MBA Program at Sabancı University gives me a bright new way in my professional career. As a person with an engineering background and around 7 years of management experience Executive MBA Program at Sabancı University provided me an environment where I extended my network and knowledge. A focused and very well balanced curriculum in finance, accounting, management, strategy and innovation with customizable electives were the benefits I could get from the program. I feel confident to take the next step in my career and honored to be a member of the Executive MBA Alumni. 

Murat Aşık, Executive MBA Class of 2009 - Global Medical and Commercialization Director, Acıbadem Healthcare Group

  With its experienced staff and modern way of education which tries to improve itself every year, Sabancı is among the best options to have an education like this even on a European scale. Selection of participants (that is what they call Executive MBA students in Sabancı) is really great and it creates an environment that adds experience to theoretical knowledge. Once, we calculated the total experience in the class of 2009 and it turned out to be close to 300 years. This really means a lot, because you share experience in the classroom and during work group sessions. 

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