MBA Çift Diploma Programları Hakkında: Deren Gürsel (Sabancı MBA & MIT Sloan Dual Degree, Class of 2013)

“One of the main motivations I had when applying to Sabancı University MBA program was the chance to study at MIT during the second year. I was lucky to be admitted to MIT. Before going to MIT, I knew that it is definitely a privilege to be part of this ecosystem. However after a few months, I can easily say that it exceeded my expectations with its world renowned academic staff, course structure, and unlimited number of opportunities outside the classroom. This experience is worth a lifetime.  As an Industrial Engineering graduate from Sabancı University, and also current MBA student, I can say that I was given necessary education and experience to cope with every kind of difficulty at MIT, and I want to say thank you to all my professors and the staff at Sabancı University who encouraged me throughout the process and make this dream come true."