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Seminars and Conferences

2018-2019  Academic Seminars
January 14Ata Can Bertay, World Bank
"Leverage, Bank Employee, Compensation and Institutions"
December 19Selman Erol, Tepper School of Business,Carnegie Mellon University
"Network Hazard & Bailouts"
December 18Barış Depecik, Bilkent Universitesi
le "Who Benefits from Brand Exits?"
December 12Berk Ataman, Koç University
"Marketing's Impact on and through the Consumer Decision Journey"
December 11Nükhet Harmancıoğlu, Koç University
"Short- and Long-term market returns of International New product codevelopment alliances"
December 4Nejat Seyhun, University of Michigan
"Do Insiders Exploit Anomalies?"
November 29Nilüfer Aydınoğlu, Koç University
"The Self-Conscious Consumer: Understanding and Mitigating Consumer Embarrassment”
November 28Renée Adams, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
"Shareholders and Stakeholders around the World: The Role of Values, Culture and Law in Directors"
November 21Ece Kaynak, Stanford University
Breaking into Occupations: Learning and Socialization on the Fringes
November 13Rasim Serdar Kurdoğlu, University of Leicester
Rhetorical Investigation of Managerial Legitimations: Studying Arguments on Allegedly Unfair Career Advancement Decisions"
November 8Ezgi Akpınar, Koç University
Making Social Media a Better Place: How Compassion Protects Consumers from Undesired Effects of Social Media?
November 7Birgül Arslan, Koç University
The Race to cure Ebola: Do innovation races help or hurt innovation performence of alliances?
September 12Sinem Atakan, Cornell University & Özyeğin University
An Investigation of Healthy Eating Behavior using the Model of Goal Directed Behavior
2017-2018  Academic Seminars
August 6Huriye Yeröz,De Montfort University
Socio-Cultural Resourcing Strategies of Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs: Practice Based Perspective
July 5Tayfun Keskin,The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Making effective social media decisions through analytics
May 28Naz Sayarı, METU
Board Structure, Freedom of Choice, and CSR Activities: An International Examination
May 24Martin Hoegl, Ludwig Maximilian University, Germany
Comparing Base of the Pyramid and Wealthy Individuals in Creative Problem Solving
May 22Ahmet Çolak, College of Business, Clemson University
Recall Analytics and Supply Chain Risk
April 27Attila Yaprak, Wayne State University
Academic Disciplines and Their Theory Construction Journeys: Conception and Empirical Foundations
March 28Ali Doruk Günaydın, Sabancı University
Downside Risk and The Cross-Section of Equity Returns
March 5Çisil Sarısoy, Northwestern University
Variance Dynamics in Term Structure Models
February 19Tolga Demir, Stockholm School of Economics
Utilizing Management Technology Advantages in Cross-Border Acquisitions/td>
February 15Yeliz Cantimur, Işık University
A contingency model of the dominance route to influence in work teams: The moderating role of team competition
January 4Burak Gökgür, Koç University
Dynamic and Targeted Pricing of Bundle Offers
December 28Milad Keshravi, ESSEC Business School
A Policy for Managing Operational Assets to Minimize Deprivation Costs
Decemer 26Orkun Saka, London School of Economics
Political Lending Cycles and Real Outcomes: Evidence from Turkey
December 21Görkem Aksaray, Goizueta Business School 
Occupational Specialization, Job Mobility, and Transition to Self-Employment
December 21Özge Tuncel, Singapore University
Minimum Order Quantity Supply Chain Contracts: An Experimental Analysis
December 20Semih Üslü, Carey Business School, John Hopkins University
Pricing and Liquidity in Decentralized Asset Markets
December 20Naime Usul, Bilkent University
Affect-Based Stock Investment decision: The Role of Affective Self-Affinity
December 14Kıvılcım Döğerlioğlu Demir, Sabancı University 
The 1 in a 1,000,000: Multi-Faceted Incidental Anchoring Effects of Numbers in Marketing Communications
December 6Olga Bountali, Southern Methodist University
Strategic Customers in Systems with Batch Arrivals: How Much You Can Protect Your Party
November 22Çelim Yıldızhan, University of Georgia
It is not personal, not strictly business: Manager entrenchment through personal relationships
November 16Burçin Bozkaya, Sabancı University
Routing Mobile Medical Services using Transactional Data
October 26Berna Beyhan, Sabancı University
Student and graduate entrepreneurship: ambidextrous universities create more nascent entrepreneurs
October 12Mahmut Bayazıt, Sabancı University 
Performance Consequences of Pay Dispersion: It Depends on Type of Incentive Structure and Workplace Sex Composition
September 22Mansur Khamitov, Ivey Business School
Fostering and Leveraging Consumer-Brand Relationships: A Psychological Distance Perspective
2016-2017  Academic Seminars
April 20Ali Fehmi Ünal, Uludağ University
Antecedents and Outcomes of Group Harmony within Top Management Teams: A Multi-level Model
April 19Mehmet Genç, Özyeğin University
Foreign Market Entry Timing and Location Choice in a Fragmented Industry: Bandwagon Effects, Mutual Forbearance, and Strategic Groups
March 29John Goodwin,Sabancı University
Investor reaction to accounting misstatements under IFRS: Australian evidence
March 22Tevhide Altekin,Sabancı University
A Comparison of Piecewise Linear Programming Formulations for  Stochastic Disassembly Line Balancing
March 15Alexandre Schwob, Abertay University
A market-mediated culture? Reinvestigating the marketing discipline with Consumer Culture Theory?
March 1Raha Akhavan,Sabancı University
Data-Driven Decision Making: The Role of OR in Business Analytics
February 8John Goodwin,Sabancı University
The Association between Cost of Debt and Hong Kong Politically Connected Firms
January 21Işıl Arıdağ, ÜNİTE
The Impact of Communications on Business Success for Your Company and You
December 16Kerem Can Özkısacık&Okan Çetintürk, Maven Partners
Industrial Applications of Business Analytics
December 7Ayşe Kocabıyıkoğlu, Sabancı University
Behavioral operations management: A framework for exploring behavioral factors in model-based problem solving and decision making processes
December 6Nihat Kasap,Sabancı University
Twitter Data Analysis on Social Movements
December 2Ahmet Melih Selçuk, Hürriyet Medya 
Audience Targeting and Customer Analytics in Digital Publishing
November 29Mehtap Aldoğan Eklund,Østfold University College
Empirical Study on CEO Compensation, Risk, and Moderating Effect of Corporate Governance: Evidence from Listed Companies in Switzerland
November 26Mert Terzioğlu, Simon Kucher & Partners 
Why Pricing is so important? Experiences and lesson learned
November 18Aşkın Dolaştır, TEB
Banking Needs that Shape the Trends in Business Analytics
October  21Attila Bayrak, Akbank
Analytics for CRM in the Banking Sector
October 14Mohsen Bahrami,Sabancı University 
Invoice Payment Prediction Using Behavioral Analytics
October 7Tevhide Altekin, Sabancı University
Big Data through an Operations Management Lens
2015-2016  Academic Seminars
May 18Aysun Alp,Sabancı University
The Real Eff ects of Tightening Credit Ratings Standards
April 27Orkun Saka,London Business School
Domestic banks as lightning rods? Home bias during Eurozone crisis
April 27Meltem Denizel,Özyeğin University (IE-OPIM Joint Seminar)
Lot Sizing for Spare Parts and Refurbished Cores in a Remanufacturing Environment
March 30Haluk Ferden Gürsel,Webster University
Fraud and Corruption Threats to Contemporary Corporate Executive
March 23Ufuk Coşkun,University of Arizona
Normalizing Networking: Blurring Social Good with Personal Profit in Neoliberal Times
February 24John Goodwin,Sabancı University
Stock market reaction to accounting misstatements: Australian evidence
January 28Ronan Jouan de Kervenoael,Sabancı University
Understanding Authenticity Construction in a Digital Era: Brands User Generated Content and Digital Advertising Practices
January 11Yasemin Kisbu Sakarya ,Koç University
Estimating causal effects in testing causal mechanisms
December 9Aysun Alp,Sabancı University
Time-Series Shifts in the Use of Bond Covenants
November 12Kıvılcım Döğerlioğlu Demir, Sabancı University
A context-dependent view of anchoring: The Effect of Consumer​ ​Adaptation of Incidental Environmental Anchors on Willingness to Pay
November 11Ayşe Kocabıyıkoğlu,Bilkent University
Newsvendor Decisions: The Value of Information
November 4Oğuzhan Aygören
Why Do We Vote the Way We Do: Toward A Theory of Voting Behavio
September 16İhsan Ercan Sadi,NYU
Governments, Banks, and Public Debt: Turkish Political Stability in the Era of Global Capitalism
2014-2015  Academic Seminars
June 19Rik Pieters,Tilburg University
Time to Cut Through: Duration – Frequency Effects of Advertising
June 11Remzi Gözübüyük,Ozyegin University
When does centrality hurt performance? The role of institutions in creating and regulating social networks
June 10Aslı Çolpan,Kyoto University
The evolution and resilience of business groups in economic development
June 4B​erna Beyhan Bozkırlıoğlu​ , ​Bahçeşehir University
Motivations of academics to interact with industry: the case of nanoscience
May 20Koray Şimşek,Sabancı University
Optimal Procurement with Take-or-Pay Contracts in the Presence of Storage 
May 8Sebahattin Demirkan,University of Maryland-College Park
Audit Pricing for Strategic Alliances: An Incomplete Contract Perspective
April 15John Goodwin,Sabancı University
What is the relationship between audit partner busyness and audit quality?
March 25Prabirendra Chatterjee,Sabancı University
Transparent or disguised: The impact of sponsored content advertising on two-sided media platforms
March 25/td>Leslie Hallam,Lancaster University
Advertising: The Dark Art”
March 10Arzu Wasti,Sabancı University
Trust across Cultures: Implications of Dignity, Face and Honor Logics
March 4Dilek Çetindamar,Sabancı University
Venture Capital Firms as Impact Investors: Hybridization?
February 25Burcu Taşoluk,Sabancı University
Why CSR Creates Favorable Brand Attitudes: A Multi-Country Study of Individual, Category and Societal Moderators
February 18Cenk Koçaş,Sabancı University
Pricing the Fat Head, the Chunky Middle, and the Long Tail
January 28Mahmut Bayazıt , Sabancı University
Delivering Bad News to Followers: Gender and the Impact of Cognitive Reappraisal vs. Suppression Requests on Followers’ Emotion Regulation and Leader-Follower Relations
January 21Tauhid Zaman,MIT Sloan School of Management (OPIM Seminar)
Optimizing the Timing of Content in Online Social Networks
January 15Daniel Friel, Universidad de San Andrés, Buenos Aires
Value Chain Driven Innovation as a Means for Filling Institutional Voids: The Case of IMPSA in Brazil
December 26Ersin Korpeoğlu,Carnegie Mellon University (IE-OPIM Joint Seminar)
Innovation Contests with Multiple Contributors
December 25Işın Güler, Sabancı University
Fail Often, Fail Big, and Fail Fast? Learning from Small Failures and R&D Performance in the Pharmaceutical Industry
December 9Rik Pieters , Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TISEM) of Tilburg University
Mediation Analysis is a Mess
November 14Gönül Çolak, Xiamen University
Political Uncertainty and Leverage Adjustments: An International Perspective
November 4Özcan Sarıtaş,University of Manchester
Research and Innovation Futures (RIF) 2030: Exploring new ways of organising research and innovation
October 15Sharif H. Melouk,The University of Alabama   (IE-OPIM Joint Seminar)
Scheduling in Healthcare
October 14Nihat Aktaş,WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management  (Finance Seminar)
Do Credit Rating Agencies Affect The Acquisition Process?

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