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MBA Çift Diploma Programları Hakkında: Okan Balaban (Sabancı MBA & MIT Zaragoza ZLOG Dual Degree, Class of 2013)

"When I first came to Zaragoza to start my one-year journey in MIT-Zaragoza Logistics program, I had mixed feelings. Now, after surviving 4.5 months, I see that this experience is unique and one that I will value forever. During past 4.5 months, I learned so many new things that have prepared me for my future career. I have so many different friends from all around the world that I enjoy studying and having fun. There were times that I was under enormous stress and pressure due to high course load and unending projects. Nevertheless, as time passes and I leave each of them behind, I see that they prepare me for real business world and all of them can be handled with necessary motivation. Furthermore, living in a city that hardly speaks English, I improved my personal and language skills."

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