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MBA Yorumlar

As a graduate of Sabanci University's full-time MBA program, I am thrilled to share my experiences and thoughts about this program. Throughout the program, I experienced significant personal and professional growth. The rich and diverse curriculum, with courses addressing the complexities faced by today's business world, helped me develop my strategic thinking skills. Additionally, the experienced academic faculty combined theoretical knowledge with practical applications, helping me adapt to real-world scenarios. In-class interactions, group work, and discussions with other students from diverse backgrounds and cultures provided me with an opportunity to explore different perspectives and create innovative solutions, enriching my experience greatly.

The opportunities offered by the program were truly unique. One of the things that I found most beneficial was the "Company Action Project," an internship program during our second semester that allowed us to put what we learned into practice, so nothing we learned in the Sabancı MBA program went to waste.

Throughout the program, I had the opportunity to meet industry leaders and successful graduates. I believe these connections will be highly valuable in my career. The culture of collaboration and sharing creates a strong sense of solidarity among graduates and provides us with the opportunity to always support each other. I will pass on this culture to new MBA candidates and continue this tradition.

While academically fulfilling, it is also important not to overlook the student life at Sabanci University. With its vast campus and various facilities, student life at Sabanci University is very lively. Playing volleyball on the grass during breaks and sitting outside on benches with coffee for conversations was a great stress reliever.

One of my biggest gains was the friendships I made here. They all hold a special place in my life, and enjoying this program with them was something else entirely.

Sabanci University's MBA program was a turning point for me. It's hard to summarize this program briefly because everyone's journey is different and special in this program. Choosing this program was definitely the best thing I've ever done to guide my career and personal development.



I had the opportunity to get a year-long extensive MBA degree from Sabanci University which was facilitated by a 100% tuition scholarship from the same. I graduated scoring among the top three students and in my mind as someone with the most memories through Sabanci.

Sabancı MBA program proved to be a wonderful experience - in that I was able to connect with not just multicultural students but professors too. As an international student, I was delighted not only to get to know about Turkish culture but also got to interact with other nationalities which made off-class interactions more interesting. Teamwork was one skill for me that got even more refined through several mixed group projects. Emphasis on this was one important step in preparing us students for real-world professional working scenarios. The professors I interacted with came from different walks of life and had much to offer with their often unique style of teaching and grading assessments. Staying on campus was another experience I miss even post-graduation, whether it was the cozy dorms, accessible study rooms, a spacious cafeteria, or even the grocery store that made sure I could keep track of all my essential needs always. If nothing else worked just walking around the lovely campus was always enjoyable.

Any prospective MBA student here should be aware that a non-thesis MBA program at Sabanci is a very intensive but rewarding MBA program. The mandatory courses are diverse yet coherent. Whereas the list of elective courses provided was very exhaustive and instrumental in experimenting with to get a taste of the possible career paths we as students could take. The cream on top is of course the mandatory Company Action Project that comes with the chance to intern in a company through competitive applications by the students for the companies. For all academic and career queries which can be intimidating, guidance can be sought from the well-versed and helpful MBA administration.

This program is most suitable and enjoyable for anyone who wants to get a well-rounded international learning experience and is not afraid to put in the hard work and effort for the same. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to explore options for or who wants to renew their career trajectories.

I graduated from the Sabanci University MBA Program, which I won with a 100% scholarship, in August 2021 with a cumulative grade point average of 3.9 over 4.0. The Sabancı MBA program, which I started after my undergraduate degree at Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi / Middle East Technical University, was very instructive for me, I completed 18 courses in 1 year. I carried out the Solo Surface Cleaning Wipes Project (Company Action Project) of Eczacıbaşı Tüketim Ürünleri (Eczacibasi Consumer Products), which I was responsible for, together with my teammates. After completing my courses in Turkey, I attended the MBA Exchange Program (Summer School for Sustainability) at the University of Gothenburg. I completed the summer school with the highest grade point average by taking the Documentation and Interpretation of Rock Art course from the History Studies department. During my MBA process, I decided that I wanted to work in the field of Marketing and I am working full-time in this field for 1.5 years :) I found that although I could only go to my university for graduation, I could complete a program entirely online. I wholeheartedly believe that doing a master's degree during the pandemic has given me strong skills. I would like to thank my family, friends, and academics who stood by me during my MBA process!

"Studying in the full-time MBA program was one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I wholeheartedly support it. My bachelor's degree from ITU was in landscape architecture, and I was unfamiliar with the business world. By the end of the year, I can easily say that I had learned a lot of things that I could utilize to start my own business and to improve my current position. The finest parts of the curriculum were the Company Action Project and the exchange program. For 5 months at the CAP, my team and I worked on a marketing strategy project for Eczacıbaşı Consumer Products - Unibaby, and we all applied the abilities that we learned in the first semester. It was an experience that we could have in the real world. I was accepted to EMLyon Business School on the exchange program and attended the entrepreneurial journey for two weeks. Despite the fact that the class was held online, the professor was enthusiastic and engaging. We mostly studied several types of entrepreneurship simulations in person. At the end of the exchange program, our lecturer assigned us the challenge of developing a business plan with only $5 and acquiring as much as we could in two hours by brainstorming entrepreneurial ideas. The ideas were fantastic! I wouldn't trade my time here for anything. It was a tough year in which I learned quite a lot."

"Sabancı MBA was the biggest opportunity for me to combine my science background with the business to become a leader in the pharma industry in the future. Thanks to the company action project (CAP), I have found a chance to work with Eli Lilly Company and experience the pharma industry in the digital marketing area. Lilly allowed me to observe their needs in digital and ask me to find solutions in those areas which was a great role. In addition, Sabancı MBA arranging meetings weekly with professionals who are working with leading companies and provides a quite extensive network with professionals for us. On the other hand, I have found a chance to experience an exchange program with ESCP Business School which is one of the best business school in Europe. If you wanna be a professional in the business world, you should experience Sabancı MBA to become the best.

"Sabancı MBA Program" is one of the most valuable investments I have made in my life beyond a typical career change. Although I received my bachelor degree in Biology from Middle East Technical University, Sabancı MBA prepared me as a passionate young professional after a challenging year. The distinctive feature of this program is providing an opportunity real time application of business knowledge through Company Action Project. Our project with PepsiCo Turkey enabled me to work extensively on brand management while selecting as a winner. Moreover, Sabancı MBA offered me to “Ceox1Day” global future leaders’ program where I selected as a 2019 Turkey Finalist among thousands of people. To say one thing about this program, this program prepares professionals who have holistic picture of the business in a detailed manner. Also, having an exchange experience in Copenhagen Business School, it is a world wide privilege to get an MBA from Sabancı Business School.”

"Sabancı MBA has been the biggest and most successful investment for myself. I graduated from Middle East Technical University Mechanical Engineering department and I never planned to work as an engineer after graduation. Therefore, I looked for top MBA schools in Turkey and decided to start Sabancı MBA program after a detailed search. Company Action Projects, exchange opportunities and top-tier professor pro les are among my reasons of choosing Sabancı MBA.Immediately after my graduation from Sabancı MBA, I was offered afull-time position in P&G which was my dream company. I would like to thank all stakeholders in Sabancı MBA who made my dreams come true. Sabancı MBA will always be a milestone in my life.”

"The Sabanci MBA experience with its diverse curriculum and practical component built the foundation of my analytical and technical skills. The MBA CAP Project with Unilever, allowed me to gain rsthand experience in analyzing and solving a real-time problem. It was the Sabanci MBA platform which allowed me to be associated with the United Nations Global Compact Secretariat in New York and be invited as a global change agent guest speaker at the 2015 UN Global Forum held at the UN General Assembly in New York. Out of over 11,000 applicants, I am one of the 50 Future Leaders from 11 countries selected for the British Council Future Leaders Connect Program, 2017. Recently, I have graduated as a Commonwealth Scholar from the UCL Institute of Education (IOE), London and currently, I am working in Pakistan as Program Associate -Trainings and Partnerships at the LUMS School of Education (SOE). As a Sabanci MBA 2014-16 Alumni, I associate a large part of my achievements to the diverse academic and practical experiences I have had at Sabanci.”

"After winning a marketing case competition during my bachelor’s at METU, I had been awarded an education scholarship at Sabancı MBA. I knew that Sabancı MBA was a great opportunity to improve myself in business related areas on top of my degree in engineering. 16 months have passed at Sabancı MBA and I have realized that it offers much more than anyone has expected. Firstly, the curriculum has taken me further in various fields of business. The first year was packed with courses and coursework. The exceptionally qualified faculty and specific Sabancı style of the courses have provided a very fruitful education. Sabancı MBA supports students' careers both during and after their tenure. Through many sessions with our career counselor, I was able to clearly define my career goals and take action. Sabancı MBA also an invaluable experience for any MBA student. During the program’s third semester we get the opportunity to practice our theoretical education at a top tier company. I’ve had the chance to conduct my Company Action Project (CAP) at Microsoft and learn about their inner dynamics/culture.”

"Sabancı MBA program was an enlightening experience. We learned the latest practices in management science from the best professors in Turkey. In addition to the wide variety of courses, our managerial skills were strengthened by the workshops arranged in many different subjects including time management, networking and negotiation. We also had the chance to apply our knowledge in our Company Action Projects and get the hands on experience in the fields we want to specialize, rather than just learning the theories. I am glad to be a part of this experience, and have the competitive advantage of being a Sabancı MBA graduate."

"Sabancı MBA gave us the opportunity of conducting long term projects with distinguished companies of various sectors. Within a diversified classroom, the program offers you the flexibility to choose your own elective courses depending on your career preference. Along with that experience and with the full support of our carreer counselors  and valuable academicians, now I am working for one of the leading companies of FMCG industry (Nestle) and I am proud to be a graduate of Sabancı MBA."

"Sabancı MBA Program offers a life changing experience. Challenging curriculum guided by renowned faculty members and teaming up with successful fellow students with similar career ambitions create the perfect active learning environment.Company Action Project (CAP) gives you the unique opportunity to take part in an actual business project conducted by Turkey's leading companies. Moreover participating in an exchange program will broaden your vision by exposing yourself to diverse cultures. With the support of exceptional career services you will be more than ready to take your career to the next level."

"The success of the Sabancı MBA program is in offering a challenging education in a cozy atmosphere. Excellent academicians teach the most up-to-date material while all staff members are responsive to the students' needs. Workshops and extra-curricular activities increase my awareness and improve my perception of global issues. I do not only meet prominent guest speakers, but also gain insight into the practices of executives."

"It is my belief that two of the most important components of success are continuous learning and awareness of the environment. Graduates of any educational institution will be successful to the extent that that institution imparts these capabilities in their students. I have benefited greatly from the Sabancı MBA program. The program’s educational vision, practical orientation and quality of both faculty and students have contributed to my development and subsequent career."

Yönetimde Eylem Projeleri Hakkında

  • Experience a function from the inside.
    • Marketing, Sales, Finance, Supply-Chain
  • Demonstrate skills and utilize knowledge you gained in MBA
    • Communication, conflict resolution, presentation... 
    • Organizational structure, business planning, data analysis, modelling, financial review..
  • Become a reflective practitioner
    • Think on your feet, act while you reflect
  • Start building your professional reputation
    • Hard-worker, dresses well, asks good questions, thinks on his/her feet
  • Add value to the company (generate new knowledge)
    • Develop a model, introduce innovation, change processes, deploy a system, perform a feasibility
  • Have real-life stories to tell (problem – solution – result)
    • Company advisor resigned and we had to...but it did not...
    • There was no data so we... and so achieved...
    • We had no credibility so I... but did not manage to...
    • It was an event-based organization so I suggested... and it was a huge success
  • Have fun and make friends! "

"CAP in association with Industry is a great opportunity for the college students who are interested in different working areas in various sectors. In this impactful project, students find the opportunity to work with professionals for their related topics, and companies create the environment to have a different perspective on their focused project as a second eye. As PepsiCo Turkey, we really appreciate Sabancı University for giving us the chance to collaborate on this project. We strongly encourage the other companies for participation upcoming years."

Değişim Programı Hakkında

When I decided to get an MBA, I wanted to have an option for an exchange. Sabancı University has many agreements with the best European business schools for the exchange opportunity. Sabancı University provides all the information you would need about exchange procedures and exchange schools, also you can talk to exchange students coming from those universities to the Sabancı MBA for exchange. I applied for a summer school exchange programme to ESCP Business School. ESCP Business School offers many courses for exchange students with different durations. I took an entrepreneurship course in Paris for 2 weeks. The class was very multicultural, and I met with people from top business schools around the world. I worked in a team to create an art piece and we exhibited our artworks to professional artists. This was a unique experience combining art and entrepreneurship. I am very grateful for the exchange opportunity. It was a great ending for my MBA before going into business life.

"Sabancı University aims to provide international experience for its students at some of Europe's top business schools. Students who desire to further their studies in an international setting can choose from a number of universities that offer a wide range of elective courses. Throughout the exchange experience, Sabancı University provides valuable guidance to its students in order to make this journey unforgettable. As a Sabancı MBA student, I decided to take the given exchange opportunity and study at ESCP Europe Business School. Here, I attended several classes and gained experience working in diverse teams. Although I was unable to attend classes on campus due to the pandemic, I enjoyed the online classes as well as the friendships I made in a multicultural environment. I am delighted to be part of this program, and I would encourage any Sabancı MBA student to participate in exchange programs to broaden their horizons."

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