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Ph.D. Pazarlama (2000) Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. M.Sc. Pazarlama (1996) Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. Lisans. Isletme (1994) Bogazici Universitesi, Istanbul.


ACR - Association for Consumer Research SCP - Society for Consumer Psychology EMAC - European Marketing Academy ASAC - Administrative Sciences Association of Canada

Publications Prior to SU
Barlas, Sema, H. Onur Bodur, and Lei Huang (2006), "Effects of Social Consumption on Individual Choice: Individual and Social Origins of Self-Control,” In Dan Ariely, Baba Shiv, and Michal Strahilevitz (Eds.) SCP Winter 2006 Conference, Miami, FL: Society for Consumer Psychology (APA).

Bodur, H. Onur and Bianca Grohmann (2005), “Consumer Responses to Gift Receipt in Business-to-Consumer Contexts,” Psychology and Marketing, 22(5), 441-457.

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Coupey, Eloïse, Onur Bodur, and David Brinberg (1998), “Predecision Processes In Consumer Choice: Effects Of Prior Knowledge On Aspects Of Decision Structuring,” In Joseph W. Alba and J. Wesley Hutchinson (Eds.), Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. XXV, Denver, CO: Association for Consumer Research.