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Professional MBA

Why Sabancı Professional MBA?

Sabancı Professionals MBA Program is designed to enable professionals who want to take what they have learned at university and in business life one step further, and who want to rise rapidly by taking managerial responsibilities in business life, to access the competencies and knowledge they need.PMBA program is designed to teach you to manage customers (marketing), production of goods and services (operations), money (finance), people (organizational behavior), direction (strategy), and change (innovation and leadership). The Professional MBA covers these topics using a schedule that is ideal for professionals with at least 3 years of work experience by having classes mainly on Friday nights and full-day Saturdays over 12 months. Some elective courses are also offered on weekdays on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings. Each course starts on a Friday evening and continues Saturday all day, for four weekends. After attending a single course and finishing it in four weeks, you start a new course.  This is a totally new and innovative concept in weekend learning allowing to concentrate on a single course at any given time, while working full-time. Rarely, there may be periods when two courses are taken at the same time.






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Student Profile


%47 Women %53 Men

Avarage Age


Avarage work experience

5.5 years


16 different industries



48 different companies



6 different title



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