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Master of Science in Marketing

Why Sabancı Master of Science in Marketing?

Sabancı Master of Science in Marketing Program offers an intensive one-year professional degree program for participants who want to specialize in marketing. The main aim of the program is to provide a comprehensive understanding of key business management concepts such as segmentation, targeting, positioning, product development, pricing, distribution, promotion, communication and branding while focusing on understanding consumer behavior.The Master of Science in Marketing  Program (MiM) aims to successfully reflect the changes in the marketing paradigm by further integrating the newest approaches stemming from the development of digital technologies into the marketing discipline. Marketing processes built on creating value for customers can now be managed with real-time and analytical techniques. Updated techniques ensure that market analysis and marketing strategy can be carried out efficiently and effectively and focused on the customer's needs. Finally, companies and brands today have to cope with the continued growth of social media channels, the increasing empowerment of users on social networks, and the development of new digital tools. The third goal of the MiM program is to introduce the innovations that digital transformation brings to the field of marketing.






Application Process

Student Profile


%65 Women %35 Men

Avarage Age


Avarage work experience

7.7 Years/span>


10 different industries


13 different company


5 different title


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