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Faculty Members and Administrative Staff


Burcu Albayrak Günaydın SBS Administrative Affairs Manager (216) 483 9672 burcualbayraksabanciunivedu

• Executing and monitoring all administrative and operational tasks required for the Sabancı Business School to carry out its activities
• Analyzing and producing regular statistical data and informative reports for Sabancı Business School
• Managing marketing, sales and promotion of undergraduate and graduate programs in Sabancı Business School
• Coordinating the network between Business School and its internal and external stakeholders
• Curriculum development and design for all levels of programs
• New program design, application and regulations
• Directing Business School’s accreditation processes
• Co-directing faculty with the Dean of the Business School
• HR processes of faculty members and administrative staff (50+)
• Overseeing after sales processes: interviews with candidates, selection, placement, orientation, etc.
• Guiding yearly academic and extracurricular programs/schedules in compliance with Turkish Higher Education Council's (YÖK) regulations and diversified departments/stakeholders in/out of the University.
• Setting up marketing plan (and execution) for all programs in Sabancı Business School (social
media, media, information sessions, fairs, promotion, brochure, leaflet, newsletter, designs, etc.)
• Budget planning & managing
• Accreditation, partnership, membership and network development
• Internationalization of the Business School
• Creating and delivering presentations tailored to the Sabancı Business School
• Overseeing the regulations, operations, and strategic planning of the Business School
• Preparing and compiling weekly, monthly and annual reports (schedule & progress) as required
• Carrying out the presenting, reporting and budgeting activities
• Updating, managing, and improving Sabancı Business School website
• Carrying out the supporting and guiding role during the target assignment process of departments
• Monitoring activities such as summer program, symposiums, workshops, research awards, etc.

SU Employees Common Competencies
• Creating cooperation through teamwork
• Acting responsibly
• Sensitivity in service
• Continuously learn and improve
• Demonstrate self-awareness.

Burcu Ergin Menekşe SBS Administrative Affairs Specialist (216) 483 9656 burcumeneksesabanciunivedu

1. Performing necessary administrative and operational tasks to monitor and implement the daily activities of the Faculty & Institute of Management Sciences, ensuring smooth operation.
2. Providing administrative support to academic and administrative personnel, assisting in the completion of specific tasks, and facilitating access to necessary resources.
3. Planning and implementing the audit process of the Higher Education Council (YÖK), ensuring the preparation and organization of required documents and reports.
4. Generating, organizing, and, when necessary, disseminating reports regarding the functioning of the Faculty to relevant parties.
5. Monitoring and managing the Harvard Business Case platform, facilitating access to relevant content, and meeting the needs of concerned personnel.
6. Managing procurement and expense tasks within the budget of the Faculty, obtaining necessary approvals, and maintaining records.
7. Carrying out tracking and support tasks in events and organizational processes of the Faculty & Institute of Management Sciences, ensuring the smooth execution of activities.
8. Tracking and managing the administrative and organizational process for the Hakan Orbay Research Award, evaluating applications, and coordinating the award process.

Core Competencies of SU Employees:
• Building collaboration through teamwork
• Acting with a sense of responsibility
• Sensitivity to service
• Continuous learning and development
• Demonstrating personal awareness

Didem Kocaer SBS Graduate Programs Process Specialist (216) 483 9671 didemkocaersabanciunivedu

• Manage and oversee the application process for candidates, ensuring a streamlined and applicant-friendly experience
• Monitor and follow up on the academic and administrative progress of current students from enrollment to graduation, proactively addressing any challenges that arise
• Prepare comprehensive board decisions for both current and prospective students, supporting well-informed decision-making processes
• Coordinate and execute all marketing and communication activities for the MBA and Ph.D. programs, including the organization of informative and engaging information sessions
• Maintain and update the program's website, ensuring that it remained current and informative for prospective candidates and students
• Take responsibility for managing all rankings processes, meticulously preparing and submitting data and documentation to enhance the program's global university rankings
• Oversee alumni relations, fostering strong and lasting relationships with program alumni, and collaborating with the Alumni Office to enhance the alumni experience
• Plan, organize, and execute all Advisory Board Meetings, creating a productive and collaborative environment for board members to contribute to the program's success and development

Core Competencies of SU Employees:
• Building collaboration through teamwork
• Acting with a sense of responsibility
• Sensitivity to service
• Continuous learning and development
• Demonstrating personal awareness

Oktay Dindar System-Graduate Programs Senior Speciali (216) 483 9734 oktaydindarsabanciunivedu

PMBA, MiF and MiM Programs;
• To follow up the application of candidates.
• Follow up the process academic and administrative until the graduation of current students.
• Prepare all board decision for current and candidates students.
• To update the program web page
• Obtaining all the materials needed by the courses.
• To follow up administrative process with HR for part-time instructors.
• Planning all Advisory Board Meetings process.
• Manage the Mentoring program offered to Professional Program students.

• Updating and managing the SBS website and supporting the administrative team on technical issues. Preparing visitor analysis report for SBS website at regular intervals
• To provide coordination between the faculty and IT. Answering requests for technical assistance from faculty members - administrative team. To work on the resolution.
• To provide administrative and technical support to the CAFÉ (Finance laboratory).
• Follow-up of the software used by the faculty (Receiving offers for purchasing, Tracking the number and duration of licenses, Installation Procedures, Supporting the instructors to use)
• Preparing and sending the SBS Newsletter twice a year.
• Sabancı University “Inspecting the Units as a member of the Integrated Management Systems Internal Audit Team and preparing a report at the end of the audit.
• As the Faculty OHS Officer, attend the informative trainings on Sabancı University OHS procedures, instructions and practices, and work with the OHS Specialist to implement these procedures and instructions in the department.
• Supporting the Department Manager in ensuring interdepartmental coordination for environmental field inspections, environmental training sessions, emergency drills, and similar activities within the scope of Environmental Management System requirements. Facilitating the implementation of these activities within the respective unit, and raising awareness among personnel in the department on these matters.
• As a member of the search and rescue team, he fulfills his duties defined in the University Emergency Plan and the related documents of the Environment and OHS Directive in mySU.

Core Competencies of SU Employees:
• Building collaboration through teamwork
• Acting with a sense of responsibility
• Sensitivity to service
• Continuous learning and development
• Demonstrating personal awareness