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Faculty Members and Administrative Staff


Burcu Albayrak GünaydınSBS Administrative Affairs Manager(216) 483

• Executing and monitoring all administrative and operational tasks required for the Sabancı Business School to carry out its activities
• Analyzing and producing regular statistical data and informative reports for Sabancı Business School
• Managing marketing, sales and promotion of undergraduate and graduate programs in Sabancı Business School
• Coordinating the network between Business School and its internal and external stakeholders
• Curriculum development and design for all levels of programs
• New program design, application and regulations
• Directing Business School’s accreditation processes
• Co-directing faculty with the Dean of the Business School
• HR processes of faculty members and administrative staff (50+)
• Overseeing after sales processes: interviews with candidates, selection, placement, orientation, etc.
• Guiding yearly academic and extracurricular programs/schedules in compliance with Turkish Higher Education Council's (YÖK) regulations and diversified departments/stakeholders in/out of the University.
• Setting up marketing plan (and execution) for all programs in Sabancı Business School (social
media, media, information sessions, fairs, promotion, brochure, leaflet, newsletter, designs, etc.)
• Budget planning & managing
• Accreditation, partnership, membership and network development
• Internationalization of the Business School
• Creating and delivering presentations tailored to the Sabancı Business School
• Overseeing the regulations, operations, and strategic planning of the Business School
• Preparing and compiling weekly, monthly and annual reports (schedule & progress) as required
• Carrying out the presenting, reporting and budgeting activities
• Updating, managing, and improving Sabancı Business School website
• Carrying out the supporting and guiding role during the target assignment process of departments
• Monitoring activities such as summer program, symposiums, workshops, research awards, etc.

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